Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thomas Graves again

I have been researching Minden on line. There is an 1800 census for the Town of Minden on the website, I immediately checked it out as Thomas would have been the youngest category of that census. I found John Graves, the only Graves listed. That made the search rather fast and easy.  He had a son in the correct age category, I then went researching the 1810 census for Minden and again found John. The son had moved into the next category which would have been correct for my Thomas. At this point I am using Ancestry.

I decided since Thomas had definitely been in the war, enlisting in 1812 for two months from Minden and then reenlisting in 1813 in the area of Deerfield I would see what John was doing in 1812. He enlisted in the same unit that Thomas did! I now have to write for John's pension papers (as soon as I save the money) and see what they say. Did he take Thomas with him because he was so young? Interesting question, I wonder what his papers will say.

I went on to check the 1820 census, but neither John or Thomas show up in Minden again, I now have  two Graves to look for as the next information I have on Thomas is his marriage in Unadilla in 1843, whether the Town of Unadilla or the Village of Unadilla is the question at that time. His pension papers don't clarify the place.

Meanwhile I am trying to get better acquainted with Google and its facets. My friend Susi is trying to get me into one of their group thingees, She says they are fun and informative, so I may try it a time or two to see for myself. There are many sides to Google and I have only looked at a few, I need to take more time and explore, but as a babysitter it is not always easy to find that time. I have a few other obligations that take time away from the computer also including housework although you wouldn't think it when you look at my house.