Thursday, November 3, 2011

When I titled this blog Every so Often and put the web site as Anow and Again I wasn't far from the truth, I seemed to have left October in the dust. I was busy, but not in my genealogy research - I did a little online work, but mostly the family stuff kept me occupied.
For those who know, the grand daughter who was in the coma is recovering although still in hospital, I wish to thank you for your many prayers and ask you to keep praying. She is in Sacramento and I am not able to be there with her which does hurt.
I ask also that you pray for another granddaughter who has complications with her pregnancy, We need a full term baby so they can operate successfully after his birth. She is due the beginning of January, and so far is doing OK.
I have a big family with lots of descendants I am trying to keep track of, so if any of them research the family line they will have a head start.

Speaking of research I have put out some more queries in different areas, Chenango County in New York for my hard to find William Wright, I am looking for the one born probably around 1800. I have tried locating siblings, parents, or even a neighbor with no success as yet. I have looked for a descendant of Johnson Wright born 1828, found two of his great great grandchildren and got DNA tests and still no luck. Johnson is William's son and his descendants have no information on William either. I am now trying to trace descendants of Henry W. b 1834 who would be the second son of William. I have been in touch with that line, again no information on our elusive William. I am hoping to find a male descendant to get a DNA test from him. There is no use looking for the third son as that is my great grandfather and he had only the one son, my grandfather. Very frustrating.

I have been researching in the town of Minden, Montgomery County, New York for John Graves who is possibly the father of my Thomas Graves, hopefully after the first of the year I will be able to send for his pension records from 1812 and get more information. I have tried (I think that is correct), but there are a lot of John Graves and I haven't had the time to go in depth.

Daniel Miller has yielded a little more information, but I need more if I am going to get his parents names. There are at least three and possibly four Daniels in the same time period and area. I have had several people write and give me information, but when I track it down it's not my Daniel. I am grateful that this happens because it goes a long way toward eliminating the extra Daniels.

I have added additional information on a few others, but I have also added some questions as to the accuracy of past information. I will continue working on the 1790 - 1850 time period until I have found those facts that are out there. If after a few more years I find nothing to add, I will write the details of my search and leave for a descendant to decipher or locate more facts.

This does not mean I am giving up, just shifting to another ancestor  to continue my search.

Just in case I don't get back before then, everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.