Saturday, March 2, 2013

This is the first post for 2013

I have had a busy year but unfortunately not in genealogy, I did some catching up on sources and names,  helped a few people to find information they needed and tracked down sources mentioned elsewhere so I could actually cite them in my data base.
I added photocopies to my ancestry tree, and was pleased that people added it to their trees. I have never understood why people claiming to be genealogists make their trees private. I actually had a person request that I take information off my tree as that was her private information, the names in question were my cousins and I grew up with them. Any information I had was through my own knowledge and research, and of course I didn't take it down.
True genealogists share so that others may find things that eventually work their way back to you, it goes with the old saying "cast your bread upon the waters and it will return tenfold" . It works that way in genealogy all the time.
That is enough on one of my pet peeves, I hope to do better in this blog in future. If you read this understand. That  anything I find that is true and sourced will eventually get into my tree, I do not put info on people born after 1910 on the web unless they are deceased.
Until next time, Happy Hunting