Friday, August 10, 2012

Not so Often

My last post was in December and I left it as a cliff hanger waiting for a copy of an obituary to arrive. The obituary arrived and was very good except for a note that said taken from the "Jamestown Journal", Arggh!! Needless to say the Journal was targeted in order to get original information.

In February I was back to "Ask the librarian" they actually got back to me within two weeks with information on where I could find the obituary. Unfortunately I didn't check my spam folder for about two months and that is where it sat all that time. When discovered a request was immediately sent to the NY State Reference Library and I received the original version of the obituary. I now am the proud possessor of that and will get it posted as soon as possible.
The obituary doesn't contain as much information as I hoped, possibly because my ancestor lived so long everyone forgot early details.

Family problems have taken up much of my time so the genealogy research has suffered, but I have a question. How come I can get all kinds of information on the collateral lines and still not get the information on the directs? Does anyone else have that problem?

An uncle on the Graves line has been traced down to the present generation, I haven't been able to contact them although the last I heard they were in AZ. Still looking as I want him for a YDNA sample.

I also managed to upgrade to the Family Finder test at FTdna , but no results on that, my hopes weren't high anyway, but we shall see.

That is it until the next time, maybe I will have some good results to report

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